The Unearthed Devil Trials of Go Hang and the Family

by GoHangMusic

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Full length follow up to the Gone Hung EP. Drugs wrote it, alcohol recorded it, in a basement, and it sounds like it.


released September 11, 2011

All songs written performed and recorded by carter except

Dust: Billy Miller on drums
Inextricably Linked and My Friend You Know: Tony on drums

Artwork by Maddison Lenkiewicz



all rights reserved


GoHangMusic Chicago, Illinois

The Heaviest, Scariest Folk Band on the Goddamned Planet
In our more triumphant moments we have been compared to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, and Les Claypool, but we don't sound like any of them! And fuck em, they're all dead anyway! ... more

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Track Name: Arson
I woke up handcuffed and sedated in a foreign bed.
Well, I guess the price was right.
A TV blaring from the room adjacent,
I try to discern the drugs from the static
because my life is on the line.
Clothes soaked in blood and vomit, vulnerable, committed to me
Pissed off at the mystery, goddamn this disorientation.

What goon went and dropped me here?
What malevolent plot is underway?
What god went and dropped me here?

The walls are dripping like a liquid picture, leaking
tweaking sparks through the vintage sheets.
Should I have the open use of my digits, I could put out the fire
'fore it got to me.
I've been to hell, and this is hotter; the flames licking me
like the tongue of the beast.
I welcome my hired slaughter, commissioned by a price I know I can

Adrenaline, kick that drug like yesterday's noose.
Forget my clothes because I've got nothing to lose.
Break the window, watch the fire go and explode.
I vacate, cutting myself mid-barrel roll.
My hands still cuffed, I balance upon the escape.
My captors made such a dire mistake.
All the questions left, wondering, who? why?

Because when I find you
You're going to die.

You should have killed me, now I'm coming for you.
You should have killed me, cocksucker, now I'm coming for you.
Track Name: Bag
Let's try to bring you up to speed.
I'm losing sleep and losing teeth, consuming the crass economy
with a self inflicted necessity.
Geeking while days turn into weeks
Well, I'd let you die right next to me.

I lose myself within the drift, a fucking loser with a gift
I can take the ride, I can take the trip
Swallow the gun when I'm tired of it.

It's not like its glamorous, and my funeral will be fabulous
Because I'll always relapse, even after a triple bypass.
Smack, crack, acid, X, I want you back.

My cravings come and no cravings go, a depression like you've
never known.
Latch on to whatever fixes me, even the breaking slow need that
sickens me.

My cravings come and no cravings go
Absolut Bottom
Absolut Low
Beaten, my life is getting weak.
My self dies right inside of me.
Track Name: Dust
I wrote you a note
Soaked in alcohol
You don't know, but that's
Its so unfair, its a joke.
All my life, I can't provoke
So I sit and stare out the window.
Its a long way down.
I've got a long way to go.

Everytime I try to write I'm stuck in hindsight
And all of my lines turn to dust.
I turn to dust.

I wrote you a song
Soaked in chemicals
You can't care, but that's
It's a bitter taste in the back of my throat
Dripping down, yeah, well, so it goes.
And I can't sit and wait for you
I mean, You came out to see my show, you know?

Everytime I try to write I'm stuck in hindsight
And all of my lines turn to dust.
I turn to dust.
Track Name: Retripution
I took a trip away from home
I was carryin such a heavy load
It takes two to use, and sometimes more
But Im doin fine when Im alone
We was runnin low on our supply,
stopped at the wrong corner store

Bigotry, it can go both ways
Just ask the man that showed us the door

Now I want retribution
Its all the same to me
Thank you for your contribution,
But I wish you would have seen

I took a trip away from home
Id never been that far before
I stepped across a thin white line
and I dont go there anymore

"Goin down to the graveyard..."
With no respect for the ones who died before
Lay me down with my eyes closed
Im goin home

I still want retribution,
its all the same to me
Bless you for your contribution
Now my life is complete

I took a trip away from home
Im doin better now that Im alone
Track Name: Faux Art Shoes
I hear another story on how you got out this time,
flick your cigarette, but the distance comes up short
Mountain from a molehill, sucking on a Parliament.
Well allow me to retort

You're a greasy whitefish off of Michigan Avenue
presenting hip fashion on the runway
Those flashes age you as quick as gunfire
While I strangle you with your own lingerie

You're fucking wretched, so quit stepping on my faux art shoes
And you're goddamn ign'nt, no you don't listen
You must listen to my faux art views.

Headlines burn off the rack like a prairie fire
Or that of Chi town scorched once again
Scars from your arrival, new fashion, your own blood is in.

You're a heavenly hellfire blazing glorious starshine
where ever your agency sends you.
You're a white washed suit-clad demon with a news van
Packing all the smack that you're abusing

You're fucked, yeah you're getting cut
To spill your guts unto my new wave shoes
You lose, yeah you're getting used.
Used just like a faux art tool.

I've never felt this way.
Track Name: Fate Does Me In
I still haven't made up my mind
Impaled on rails of the fence.
Cannot prove my innocense, so I just makeshift it.

Still the noise builds up inside
Like a hidden homicide
Guilt and pleasure are the same
If you just ignore it.

Same in the end, if you just pretend.

Well you found your place, while I lost my way.
And I can't escape.
That's fuckin great.

I can't escape.

Now it feels so right to do you wrong.
Teach a lesson in insignificance
like you've known all along.
Still it feels so right to do you wrong.
Learn a lesson in insignificance
like I've known all along.

So I crawl along, and I can't help
but do just what you tell me to.

Fate does me in ways I can't escape.
Track Name: My Friend You Know
My friend, I know you're suffering,
I hope you know I hurt with you.
And I hope you know I'm sorry.
And I hope you know we'll meet again.
Track Name: The Robber Burns
I can't believe how it happened the first time
I'm lying, waiting here for when we align the next time
Insipid you lied and tried to roll out the dice but
You can't push self-righteousness on me

I'm gonna get on my knees and promise in time I'll obey
Put my head down in prayer and this is what I'll say

I'll say,
"I would not, could not, should not break the law!
And I would never ever EVER turn my back on god!
I wouldn't use drugs to try escape!
Why would I want to leave this world behind anyway?"

I blame you for all I did. You understand?
So I'll wait it out while cracking up
I've been blacking out while you were cracking down
I'm broken up, you fucked around, well
what's going up is coming back down on you.

I have to believe that it will come back down on you.
After everything is turned and learned, now
Robert Burns will burn.
Track Name: Spoiled
How long have I trudged this path?
Seemingly endless without rest.
But in time I'll find in the dry and drought,
this fruitless quest.

I'll tear the head from the neck of my enemy.
Remind him of what he did to me.

I've been held high, I've been held down
I've been given up and thrown right out
Still I push on
Crawling along
I've undergone, into the gaping maw.

Dragging the bloated corpse.
Chewing the spoiled meat.
Cutting off the gangrene.
Collapsed on hands and knees.

Still I push on